Ph D Thesis

Assistance and Support for Ph. D. Thesis and Research Papers Writing

 (Ph. D. / M. Phil / Other P.G. Studies- Thesis and Academic/Research Papers Writing)

We are mentoring Ph. D. Scholars and providing Services for Ph.D. Thesis/Dissertation preparation, assisting students in writing all kinds of academic/research papers for journal publications and also helping them in editing and proof-reading process with plagiarism free.  

We are expert and highly qualified team of Ph. D. Professors with outstanding experience. Our services are available for the following disciplines:

  • English Literature (All kinds of literary forms)
  • E L T (English Language Teaching/Training)
  • Education
  • Sociology

Ph. D. scholars are mentored and provided assistance for their research work/project in:

  • Guiding and supporting PhD scholars at all stages of research documentation
  • Helping to choose a good topic for their study or have to submit a thesis proposal
  • Assisting in the research design, thesis writing, thesis editing, and data analysis stages
  • And also helping in writing and publishing their journal papers


All academic institutions and universities framed firm guidelines against plagiarism. Plagiarism means the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own (Oxford Dictionaries). Thesis/Dissertation and academic papers are well prepared with originality (Plagiarism-free).

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is a highest academic degree. Normally, the course involves a study for a few years accordingly the university norms and students need to complete substantial research in the form of a whole thesis or a dissertation. In addition, students need to provide a synopsis with project implementation as it requires perfect research on the topic with different ideas. Additionally, they have to make sure that their thesis writing for a Ph.D. must be well-written keeping away from the chances of rejection.

Ph.D. students are provided with a suitable topic/title, Synopsis/research proposal and Thesis design and Chapterization as:

Introduction (Research is defined as a premeditated investigation using scientific methodology (quantitative, qualitative, experimental, observation and so on) to solve a serious problem)

Literature Review (Literature review shows how the study/research relates to it; highlighting gaps, problems or shortcomings in existing research to show the original contribution that the thesis makes; identifying important studies, theories, methods or theoretical frameworks that can be applied in the research.)

The problem statement (The problem statement tells a specific condition or problem that needs urgent attention and a possible solution. Research scholars have to show how their investigation goes to fill or narrow the gap in the existing literature)

Data Analysis (Data analysis is the most essential part of any research, summarizing collected data, involving the interpretation of data gathered through the use of analytical and logical reasoning to determine patterns, relationships or trends)

Results/Findings and Discussion (The results/findings and discussion are fairly clear-cut and they are congruent with the research purpose, objectives, hypothesis, and methods)

Conclusions/Suggestions/Recommendations/Implication (This section/chapter sums up the important points and features of the research study, or the significant outcomes of the investigation. It should be written to speak about directly to the aims and objectives of the research work, making recommendations for future work (if necessary), highlighting the significance or helpfulness of the research study.

Bibliography/References (this section deals with the source of information, citations or consulted works which a researches uses or collects the required data from different sources-such as books, journals, news papers and internet-websites)

Appendices (It contains data/information which is unimportant to the study, but supports analysis and validates the conclusions. nevertheless, sometimes it may be used for essential tables and figures which are too large to fit into the text of the study)

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